Having undergone the above zoning conversion, the church is not currently a 501C3. As such we are researching and considering the requirements and implications of all the options before making any decisions. The Town has given us permission to continue running it as a church (along with all the events and gatherings one would expect in such a building), and we look forward to re-opening the doors this summer for services and events.

If we do everything ourselves slowly over the years and simply love and cherish the building in a deeply personal way, we will be completely happy. There is a sense of joyful fulfillment that the building exudes, and we have no regrets no matter what. We will do everything in our power to provide useful and meaningful events and services. When we run out of money, as we currently have, all it means is that we will have to stop spending money on renovation for a while. But the doors will be open, and everyone is welcome!


We want this building to be a resource, a meeting place, a refuge, a place for reflection, prayer, encouraging thoughts of love, healing, caring for life, for family, friends, community and neighbors, for animals and the environment- a place for hope, a place to gather, and a place to feel valued. A place of peace, celebration of music, and creativity. And yes, still a house of God, a sacred place in a world which in large part has come to reject such things. Those things are not forgotten here, and to us, every life is equally important, from the tiniest Hummingbird to the largest creature on earth- trees, plants, and all living things. This earth is a miracle, with no other life-supporting planetary system like it (located as yet- maybe ever), in the known universe. We are all about loving and valuing everything that makes it precious and irreplaceable.

To further these goals I have become ordained. But don't worry, if you have seen my shows you have seen me preaching. I got my life training from the finest of the early blues masters who were almost always raised in a church, and who fully conveyed the passion and tradition of spirituality through their hands-on demonstrations of faith. In addition I have attended the Payne AME Church of Chatham, NY for years where I was thoroughly steeped in Holy Ghost worship through the powerful believers and services there. Amen!

With Love and music,

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Dear Friends,
After many years of admiring this beautiful old church, the opportunity to buy it manifested unexpectedly one day last summer. As we raced over to the building we found a group of interested buyers already in the parking lot, and learned that before coming on the market the property had been re-zoned “residential.” This meant tha
t it could become a private residence or rental apartments, and that the historic form of the building could be altered. Being a person who dearly loves old architecture, my first priority was to save the building and preserve its historic integrity- so we jumped in and purchased it. As the new (albeit now impoverished) caretakers, we take the privilege of restoring it very seriously, and as the work progresses, it becomes more and more evident that this is a truly special place with great potential to serve the community- both spiritually and artistically. read more

ChurchLIVE is located at The Old Methodist Church, 8 Church Lane, Chatham Center, NY 12184-4201


Please join us for Church Services every Sunday at 9:30 AM from June 7th to the end of September.
May 30, 2015 The Blessing of the Animals 2:00 PM
June 6, 2015 Rory Block in concert 7:30 PM
June 13, 2015 Open Mic Night (acoustic only please) 7:30 PM
June 14, 2015 Songwriter Workshop 3:00 PM
June 16, 2015 Conversations - Aspiring writers, authors & poets 7:00 PM
June 28, 2015 Musicians Network Meeting 3:00 PM
July 12, 2015 Rev. Singletary church service 9:30 AM
July 19, 2015 Guy Davis in concert 7:30 PM
July 21, 2015 Conversations - About Grief 7:00 PM
July 25, 2015 Journey thru Afghanistan - photos on canvas exhibit 2:00 PM
July 26, 2015 Musicians Network Meeting 3:00 PM
Aug. 1, 2015 Open Mic Night (acouctic only please) 7:30 PM
Aug. 2, 2015 Rev. Singletary Holy Communion & healing service 11:30AM
Aug. 15, 2015 Rory Block Slide Guitar Workshop (2hrs) 2:00 PM Tickets
Aug. 18, 2015 Conversations - About Grief 7:00 PM
Aug. 30, 2015 Musicians Network Meeting 3:00 PM
Sept. 6, 2015 Rev. Singletary Holy Communion & healing service 11:30AM
Sept. 15, 2015 Conversations - About Grief 7:00 PM
Sept. 19, 2015 When A Woman Gets The Blues - book reading/signing 7:00 PM Free Event
Sept. 20, 2015 Fabulous Clothing Tag Sale & Music Biz Collectibles 3:00 PM
Sept. 26, 2015 Children's creative music, dance & stories workshop 1:00 PM Free Event