A Woman's Soul: A Tribute To Bessie Smith

Kicking it off with a tribute to Bessie Smith, she leads us into the land of jellyrolls, poodles and all that other sexy stuff we never really got as kids wondering what they were singing about. A modern musician as well as a great historian, all Grammy voters within the view of my words ought to make a point of moving down the ballot to the blues category this year and giving Block the sugar that belongs in her bowl. Killer stuff. The mantle has been passed to the new empress of the blues.

Chris Spector - Midwest Record - Chicago

... on this acoustic masterpiece, Block does everything herself... All this proves that Block, like Smith, is an important "Power Woman of the Blues". She is a strong contender for the most influential acoustic artist of our time.

Making A Scene

Do Your Duty
Kitchen Man
Jazzbo Brown from Memphis Town
Gimme a Pigfoot and a Bottle of Beer
Need a Little Sugar in my Bowl
I'm Down in the Dumps
Black Mountain
Weeping Willow Blues
On Revival Day
Empty Bed Blues