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Please feel free to browse through all our posters below. Each Concert runs approximately an hour or longer. We respectfully ask that you make a donation for any individual concert you wish to view. 


Please keep in mind that what you will be watching differs in unique ways from shows performed at a venue prior to the Virus. Now essentially a reality show, we come to you in a relaxed, hanging-out-together atmosphere. We're in the living room, pets running through, presenting songs unearthed from my earliest catalog to my most recent recordings, doing things spontaneously by request, singing various songs I learned a day or two earlier- a buzz here, a suspicious chord there, maybe a start or stop once in a while- but it's great fun, it's reality, it's interactive, and it's about all of us together, helping each other survive. Judging by the unprecedented enthusiasm we have gotten thus far, we trust this is filling a need all around- and, it's becoming the "new-normal" at least for a little while.


Knowing this we hope you will be respectful with your comments, and if it's a more formal or polished concert you seek, there is a huge selection of shows from the past already on youtube. But we hope that in these unprecedented times you might enjoy what is unfolding as we refuse to let circumstances prevent us from making music for you, our wonderful audiences and viewers. Please know how much we love you, and appreciate your help in making this series such a success. Please see additional info below.



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At this time we are happy to present these via the honor system.
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36 Strong & Lasting Kind.png


#35 I Feel Just Like Goin' On2.png


34 Runaway Child.png


#33 Old Friends.png


#32 Songwriter Night 1.png


Honoring The Mentors2.png


#30 Spirit Songs .png


#29 Wayward Girl.png


#28 Songs That Changed My Life.png


No Way For Me To Get Along.png


Songs My Mother Sang To Me.png


Got The Blues.png


Keepin' Outta Trouble copy.png


Come Back Baby.png


People Get Ready2.png


Hanging Out Together.png


West 4th St Revisited.png


Martin Guitar.png


My Greatest Hits#1.png


One Woman One Guitar.png


Rambing On My Mind.png


Times Such As This 3.png


The Open Road.png


Staying Strong.png


Your Request 2h.png


By Request.png


Songs Of Comfort.png


Keep The Faith.png


Deep Blue Spirit.jpg


Gospel & Its Old Friend.png


Heart to Heart1.png


Country Banner4.png


My Favorite Slide Songs.png



Additional info:

With extensive postponements and cancellations, we have lost thousands of dollars worth of work and donations will essentially be our only income source for an unknown period of time into the future. I can't underscore enough the shortfalls this has created for myself and countless other musicians, as well as people in an array of professions everywhere. We understand that you may be hard-hit as well. Please give whatever you can afford. Each donation will help us to carry on through these unsettling times.  Back to the top of the page



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