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Rory live1 front.jpg
Rawa Festival, Poland
Photo: Irene Dudek
BB King's -  New York City
Prior to shutdowns, I toured almost uninterrupted for over three decades. Then all tour dates got cancelled due to the Pandemic. At that time Rob and I knew we had to reinvent ourselves or fade away, and thus our Home Broadcast Series was born. Now almost 200 broadcasts later we are still streaming every Tuesday night at 7:30pm EST to a devoted community of viewers from around the world (all my tour dates prior to shutdowns are still listed below). Then at some point I decided we would also list the Home Broadcasts, as they too are full scale performances. From the top of this page down to the 2019 tour dates, you will see the new live venue bookings listed on white background, while the Home Broadcasts are on a gray background. Tour schedules are increasing as life resumes its previous pace. While you will see new live venue listings below, you are also welcome to tune into the live broadcasts. A huge thank you to the truly wonderful people who weathered this journey with us and kept tuning in. Some of our viewers have seen every broadcast from the first until today. We love and appreciate all of you. If you want to bypass all the live Broadcast listings, just scroll down until you see the earlier shows listed.
In-person venue shows listed on white background- click on venue name for info & tickets
Live streamed broadcasts listed on gray background- click on concert name to view posters

Tune in to our live broadcasts every Tuesday night at 7:30pm EST

04/02/23             WILLIMANTIC, CT                    THE BREAD BOX THEATER

04/15/23             VALATIE, NY                                VALATIE COMMUNITY THEATER

05/10-11             MEMPHIS, TN                              BLUES MUSIC AWARDS

05/19/23             GLADSTONE, MO                       SUMMERTIME BLUES FESTIVAL

07/28/23             SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY         CAFFE' LENA

09/15/23             FREDERICTON, NB                   HARVEST MUSIC FESTIVAL


06/06/23             LIVE STREAM #208                  OUT HERE FOR TROUBLE

05/30/23             LIVE STREAM #207                  UP FROM THE BACK STREETS

05/23/23             LIVE STREAM #206                  GENTLE KINDNESS

05/16/23             LIVE STREAM #205                  SAW YOUR FACE IN PARIS

05/09/23             LIVE STREAM #204                  IF I HAD WINGS

05/02/23             LIVE STREAM #203                  DRIVE MY BLUES AWAY

04/25/23             LIVE STREAM #202                  CRY OUT LOUD

04/18/23             LIVE STREAM #201                  DIDN'T HEAR NOBODY PRAY

04/11/23             LIVE STREAM #200                  HAPPY SHOW 200!!

04/04/23             LIVE STREAM #199                  I'M STILL ROLLIN' ON

03/28/23             LIVE STREAM #198                  TIMES OF TROUBLE

03/14/23             LIVE STREAM #197                  SUN'S ABOUT TO SHINE

03/07/23             LIVE STREAM #196                  WHAT THE FUTURE MAY BRING

02/28/23             LIVE STREAM #195                  LORD I FEEL SO LONESOME

02/21/23             LIVE STREAM #194                  BLUE SHADOWS WILL FALL

02/14/23             LIVE STREAM #193                  LO I BE WITH YOU

02/07/23             LIVE STREAM #192                  WILD NIGHT

01/31/23             LIVE STREAM #191                  ALL OF MY LIFE

01/24/23             LIVE STREAM #190                  BACK WHERE WE BELONG

01/17/23             LIVE STREAM #189                  DOWN THE LINE

01/03/23             LIVE STREAM #187                  THE TURN OF A PAGE

01/03/23             LIVE STREAM #187                  THE TURN OF A PAGE

12/31/22             LIVE STREAM #186                  THE WIND CRIES MARY

12/27/22             LIVE STREAM #185                  JUS TOO TIGHT

12/25/22             LIVE STREAM #184                  JOY TO THE WORLD

12/20/22             LIVE STREAM #183                  END OF YEAR MARATHON #1

12/13/22             LIVE STREAM #182                  FULLNESS OF TIME

12/06/22             LIVE STREAM #181                  MUSIC ALL THE TIME

11/21/22             LIVE STREAM #180                  SHOUTIN' ON THE HILLS


11/23/22             WASHINGTON DC                    BLUES ALLEY     

11/21/22             LIVE STREAM #179                  CHANGIN' IT UP

11/15/22             LIVE STREAM #178                  LAST FRIDAY NITE

11/08/22             LIVE STREAM #177                  SITTIN HERE THINKIN

11/01/22             LIVE STREAM #176                  SOME DAY SOON

10/25/22             LIVE STREAM #175                  SAME AS IT EVER WAS

10/18/22             LIVE STREAM #174                  LONESOME BLUES GOT ME

10/17/22            JOHNSON CITY, TN                  THE DOWN HOME

10/13/22            FORT SMITH, AR                       801 MEDIA CENTER

10/04/22             LIVE STREAM #173                  CARRY ME AWAY

09/27/22             LIVE STREAM #172                  GOT TO HEAR IT

09/20/22             LIVE STREAM #171                  AIN'T NOBODY WORRIED

09/13/22             LIVE STREAM #170                  DAYDREAMS

09/06/22             LIVE STREAM #169                  SEASONS

08/30/22             LIVE STREAM #168                  TUESDAY NITE BLUES

08/20/22             BEACON, NY                              TOWNE CRIER


08/13/22             YORK, PA                                    SUSQUEHANNA FOLK FESTIVAL

08/11/22             SARATOGA SPRINGS, NY       CAFFE LENA

06/28/22            LIVE STREAM #167                   SAME TIME SAME PLACE

06/21/22            LIVE STREAM #166                   THOUGHTS OF YOU

06/14/22            LIVE STREAM #165                   KEEP ON TRUCKIN'

05/27-28           WASHINGTON DC                      BLUES ALLEY     

06/14/22            LIVE STREAM #164                   THE BIG REVEAL

05/10/22            LIVE STREAM #163                   LONG JOURNEY HOME

05/07/22            NEW ORLEANS, LA                   NEW ORLEANS  JAZZ & HERITAGE FEST

04/26/22            LIVE STREAM #162                   TAKE IT EASY NOW

04/19/22            LIVE STREAM #161                   YOU KNOW I WILL BE COMIN' HOME

04/12/22            LIVE STREAM #160                   FAR AWAY

04/05/22            LIVE STREAM #159                   DIDN'T KNOW NO BETTER

Blue Bus & RB tn.jpg
Rory in The Netherlands.jpg
Yep, that's me in The Netherlands
Live at Sellersville.jpg

03/29/22            LIVE STREAM #158                   HEAVY RAIN

03/22/22            LIVE STREAM #157                   LIFE SONG

03/15/22            LIVE STREAM #156                   THERE WILL COME AN ANSWER

03/08/22            LIVE STREAM #155                   LA GUERRE

02/22/22            LIVE STREAM #154                   OUTSIDE THE GATES

02/15/22            LIVE STREAM #153                   ALL THINGS BLUE

02/08/22            LIVE STREAM #152                   DOWN ON THE FARM

02/01/22            LIVE STREAM #151                   TO HEAL A BROKEN HEART

01/25/22            LIVE STREAM #150                   TRIPLE JUBILEE NITE

01/18/22            LIVE STREAM #149                   WE WILL RIDE THE WIND

01/11/22            LIVE STREAM #148                   A HORSE WITH NO REINS


01/01/21            LIVE STREAM #75                    BORN BEFORE THE WIND

New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival 2022

01/05/21            LIVE STREAM #76                    FROM THE DUST OF THIS EARTH

01/08/21            LIVE STREAM #77                    ANOTHER MILE ANOTHER ROAD ANOTHER TOWN

01/12/21            LIVE STREAM #78                    MY OLD FRIEND JOHN

01/15/21            LIVE STREAM #79                    WEEPING WILLOW

01/19/21            LIVE STREAM #80                    SLIGHTLY GO BLIND

01/22/21            LIVE STREAM #81                    WE'LL HAVE OURSELVES A TIME

01/26/21            LIVE STREAM #82                    HEARD ABOUT A MAN 1 DAY

01/29/21            LIVE STREAM #83                    THE WAY IT STANDS

Rory Block, Rick Danko, Shredni Volmer
and Artie Traum on stage at Woodstock 2